Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Diary of Anne Frank: Similarities between the Jews and Haitians

This essay was written by one of the Haitian-Bahamian students in our ministry--a tenth grader at a local public high school--in response to seeing the film The Diary of Anne Frank. I have posted it here with her permission.

The similarities between Jews and Haitians starts with the government. Because of the government they had, the Jews found their country to be unsafe and unsuitable to live in. The Haitians had the same problem. I believe it started with Papa Doc. The Haitians became poor and found Haiti unbearable so they did only one thing they could have think of and that is to escape.

Of course for both nations because of the fact they don't have anyone and don't know anyone, they try to find someone to help them and they end up sharing a place with other people so that they could hide. Jews and Haitians can't just decide to roam the streets without documents or they would be shipped off back from whence they came.

Jews and Haitians have no choice but to get along with the person they're living with because getting kicked out is not an option, because they have no where to go. Just like the Jews Haitians when they are caught they are kept in a detention center. They could be there for days before deportation. They both have to keep a low profile or not be seen at all. All Jews and Haitians are in danger and they hope that each day that goes by they don't get caught.

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