Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ehrenreich on Prosperity Theology

"In the theology of Christian positive thinking, 'everything happens for a reason' . . . But there's another possible message from on high: that this brand of Christianity fosters a distinctly un-Christian narcissism . . . Plenty of Christians have already made the point that the positive thinking of Christianity Light is demeaning to God, and I leave them to pursue this critique. More importantly, from a secular point of view, it's dismissive of other humans, and not only flight attendants. If a person is speeding, shouldn't he get a ticket to deter him from endangering others? And if (Joel) Osteen gets the premier parking spot, what about all the other people consigned to the remote fringes of the lot? Christianity, at best, is about a sacrificial love for others, not about getting to the head of the line."

Barbara Ehrenreich
Author of Nickled and Dimed

Read the rest of the article here.

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