Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Acquainted with The Hub

Through my involvement in the Bahamas Human Rights Network (BHRN), I've recently become acquainted with The Hub, which has graciously allowed us to hold our meetings in their facilities. Basically, The Hub is a gathering place for artists, writers, activists, and others who are interested in exchanging ideas and collaborating together on common projects.

Even though Nassau is fairly small as far as cities go (with a population of approximately 211,000), there is quite a diversity of groups that have formed around common intellectual interests or social causes, with many of them often operating in isolation from one another. While that may well continue be the case in the future, I think The Hub's central-location and its commitment to bringing folks from various groups together will ultimately enrich the artistic, intellectual, and activist endeavors of all involved. BHRN's past few meetings, for example, have seen a number of new folks show up to see what we're doing. And the Bahamas Historical Society, another group with which I am involved, has been discussing ways which we might also collaborate with The Hub. Indeed, I am looking forward to seeing how these possibilities develop.

The Hub describes its mission as follows:
"Thirty spokes share one hub." - Chinese Proverb

Located in Nassau's urban heart, The Hub is a versatile, collaborative space that facilitates the sharing of ideas and resources across disciplines, particularly in the arts, but not exclusive to the arts.

The Hub sees collaborations between artists and non-artists (for example, environmental groups) as integral to its mission. The Hub could be described as the central location where all the various "spokes" meet and share. As such, it will enable individuals as well as organizations to form alliances, which serve to strengthen and support a sense of community within the larger cultural context of Nassau.

The Hub's program focus is to encourage more unconventional, progressive ways of thinking within and between various artistic disciplines. A range of activities occurs at The Hub, including a film series/club, lectures and demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, installations, performances, live music, theatre, poetry readings, discussions, gatherings, Junkanoo shack, and other activities as artists propose them.

Founded by Margot Bethel and Jonathan Murray with the support of many other artists, The Hub is of, and for, the artist community of Nassau. Artists and allied community members are encouraged to approach The Hub with ideas for shows and events, or to help out with building The Hub into a diverse and multi-disciplinary arts and social justice organization. All are welcome.
Click here to learn more about the various activities taking place at The Hub. You won't regret getting more involved.

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