Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quote of the Week

"The proclaimer who stands diametrically opposed to the furtherance of his education will discover, in the long run, that his impact upon the kingdom will always come short of his fullest potentials. God's disciple must be a man in pursuit of continuous learning, international exposure, discipline and intellectual development. It is most unfortunate that many within current ministerial circles have been able to collect quite a good number of certificates, degrees, and titles without complying to the blessings, through rigours of seminary training within the classroom setting. The internet, correspondence courses, or an occasional honour being bestowed upon a faithful servant of the Word by mere mortals, should never, especially when youth is on their side and countless opportunities for scholarships are available, substitute for not 'sitting at the feet of Gamaliel' in structured programmes to armour one to be fundamentally prepared for the tasks of ministry. While not all will be able to attend Seminary, it is my prayer that God would continue to touch their hearts to take advantage of other opportunities for training within their local settings."

R. E. Cooper, Jr., President
Atlantic College and Theological Seminary
Nassau, The Bahamas

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