Thursday, December 27, 2007

Leading Caribbean Intellectuals on Education

". . . for an institution that is often celebrated in Antigua is the Hotel Training School, a school that teaches Antiguans how to be good servants, how to be a good nobody, which is what a servant is. In Antigua, people cannot see a relationship between their obsession with slavery and emancipation and their celebration of the Hotel Training School . . ."

Jamaica Kincaid, author of A Small Place

"Our approach to education is mercenary. What is important is the marketability of skills, not the training of minds. Too many PhDs at the College of the Bahamas spend their best hours teaching Bahamian students the basic critical skills our high schools have not taught them, and the subjects that expand the mind and spark students’ creativity are undersubscribed and underfunded. Too many Bahamians believe that the purpose of college is get a degree, and not an opportunity to explore the world of ideas and to learn how to think."

Nicolette Bethel, Director of Culture
Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture
Nassau, Bahamas

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