Thursday, May 31, 2007

Amnesty on Haitians in the Bahamas

Amnesty International has recently issued its 2007 Report on the state of the world's human rights. Concerns regarding the death penalty, police brutality, corporal punishment, and ill-treatment of Haitian immigrants were all cited in the section on the Bahamas.

Here are the specific concerns raised about Haitian immigrants residing in the Bahamas:

Immigrants, the vast majority from Haiti, continued to be deported in large numbers. Some were reportedly ill-treated. On 8 April, 187 Haitians, including children, on the island of Eleuthera were rounded up and detained. It was later found that 166 of them had legal documents and 27 also had permanent residence.

Although these are very serious problems that must be dealt with, they seem relatively insignificant compared to the scope of the human rights violations that plague some of the Bahamas' nearest neighbors.



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